Why is Organisational Culture Important?

Organisational culture is the shared beliefs, values and norms an employee has about an organisation. It is built on the organisations history and journey to date. The culture of an organisation impacts the effectiveness of an organisation – including employee engagement, innovation, leadership and productivity.

It is now possible to measure an organisations climate. The climate of an organisation is the visible, measurable indicators of the current mood and culture prevailing an organisation. Organisational climate is more vulnerable to fluctuations, but it can be measured and strategies put in place to shape and adapt it. In turn this can influence the longer term culture of the organisation.

Climate can measured at a team or organisational level. Leaders create climates. Teams create climates. Locations create climates. Online groups create climates. At the Occupational Mind Group we have a suite of tools to measure your climate.

For example, the JCA Global Leadership Climate Indicator tool is invaluable at measuring the climate created by leader’s in organisations and teams. Over 30% of performance at work can be explained by the emotional climate created by it’s leaders.

Recent research shows that if the climate of an organisation does not support individuals to act and think creatively then innovation will not occur. Innovation has been identified as the number one priority for CEO’s in numerous studies over recent years.


At the Occupational Mind Group we specialize in using psychometric tools selected for your unique organisation to measure and manage culture and climate. We are experienced at doing this at an individual, team and organisational level. Our interventions include training, coaching, strategy development, organisation design and innovative solutions such as an app to promote individual Creative Thinking. Our research has empowered organisations to make decisions about prioritizing resources to improve leadership quality, employee engagement, innovation outputs, retention and productivity.

The Occupational Mind Group offers a diverse package of solutions so please contact one of our team for more information: info@occupationalmindgroup.com


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