"'But people are oceans’ she shrugged. ‘You cannot know them by their surface.’"

Beau Taplin

Psychometric assessments can help you understand a person’s knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits effectively and efficiently in a short amount of time...

They can assist in recruitment, development, leadership, teamwork, succession planning and other critical business decisions.
Psychometric tests are reliable predictors of future performance.

Options Include

Saville Assessment Personality Assessments which are the most powerful predictor of performance and potential
Prism Brain Mapping uses neuroscience to improve business performance.
CEB is based on the international Universal Competency Framework.
Hogan Personality Inventories which measure the bright-side, dark-side and inside of individuals.

What We Do

We create bespoke psychometric testing packages (conducted online, face-to-face or via telephone) for you to better understand individuals, teams or your entire organisation.

As an independent accredited provider we have access to hundreds of British Psychological Society approved tests. Our qualified Psychologists will recommend the appropriate psychometric test for you, administer the testing and if required act on the results (e.g. by organising team training days or leadership coaching).
We are passionate about psychometrics and we strongly believe these assessments lead to better impact and integrity in your workplace. Why not contact us to talk about your needs?
Please call for a chat or email us at info@occupationalmindgroup.com.

Shaping Successful Business Through...

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