"Effective leadership is the ability to motivate, influence and enable others to contribute to organisational success."

Gerstner & Day, 1997

An average business leader works for 10 years before they receive any leadership training (Harvard Business Review, 2012).

The most common reason people leave a job is because of a bad boss or immediate supervisor (52% in Gallup poll, 2015).
Our Leadership team can train and empower your leaders, helping them to understand how psychology can unlock their full potential and that of their team.
Would you let an untrained accountant manage your finances? So why let untrained leaders manage your people?

What We Do

Leadership is about relationships. We use cutting edge tools and techniques tailored to your unique leaders.

Leaders we have worked with said ‘Sarah provided a major part in supporting us to build and develop a newly formed leadership team’ and ‘the mentoring & coaching provided consistently helped me to adopt/adapt in different situations. Sarah helped teach me to understand and appreciate people’s motivations, assisting me with issues and tactics, and allowing me to improve my teams, and my own underlying performance’.
Please call for a chat or email us at info@occupationalmindgroup.com.

Shaping Successful Business Through...

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