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Leadership Consultancy - Culture Change - Organisational Development

The Occupational Mind Group can help make your business more effective.

With over 20 years’ experience, working at senior levels across multiple industries, our qualified experts apply Psychology (which is the science of human behaviour) to deliver measurable benefits and solve challenges.

People are your most precious asset. Let us help you unlock their full potential using psychology to help you deliver impact with integrity in your organisation. We can help recruit, develop and empower your workforce.

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If you are a LEADER...

- Do you have high sickness or absence rates?
- Not sure why people are leaving your organisation?
- Do you have unhappy /unproductive staff?
- Are you fed up with people bringing you problems?

If you are an EMPLOYEE...

- Do you want to enjoy your job?
- Do you wish your organisation would realise what you can do?
- Do you feel like you are in the wrong place?
- Do you need advice on next steps in your career?
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Commercial Benefits

All our Organisational Psychologists have a wealth of practical experience to call upon. What’s more they all have Master’s degrees accredited by the British Psychological Society.

Proven results include (but are not limited to):

- Increased productivity -

- Increased profit -

- Higher engagement scores -

- Improved staff health and well-being measures -

- Recruitment that delivers people with the skills and behaviours you need -


The most common reason people leave a job is because of a bad boss or immediate supervisor (Gallup poll, 2015). Our Leadership team can train and empower your leaders, helping them to understand how psychology can unlock their full potential and that of their team.
We believe that all people are valuable. We work with you to ensure you have the right people in the right roles in the right organisation. We help you understand your people so they can realise their full potential and your business can increase productivity and profit margins.
Our skilled Psychologists can evaluate a team’s performance and diagnose any issues and opportunities for improvement. By the end of our projects, we have delivered teams that are empowered and performing to a level where our expertise is no longer needed.

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